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What can you do to help ensure food security in the future?

Try different foods - Broadening the range of foods that we eat makes us less reliant on a few species for our food supply. This means that if yields from one crop are low, there will still be enough food for everyone. Having a varied diet with lots of vegetables also ensures we get enough of the nutrients vital for good health.

Buy fairtrade - buying fairtrade products ensures that farmers get a fair price for their hard work and a decent standard of living so they can continue to produce food for the rest of us.

Reduce waste - Too much of the food we buy goes to waste. Currently, there is enough food produced worldwide to feed the entire population of the planet, but developed countries consume more than they need and much is wasted. Planning meals and only buying what you need can help to reduce food waste, leaving more food for everyone.

Donate - Vital research to improve agriculture and increase yields always needs funds. To make a donation to Crop Innovations please contact Heather Sanders.

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