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About us

Crop-Innovations is a registered charity based in the UK (charity no. 1112295). The organisation aims to improve food security, nutritional status and the economic welfare of humans by promoting crop species that are currently not used to their full potential. Using a wider variety of crop species, that are able to grow in different climates or on marginal lands, creates more robust yields and farming communities better able to cope with climate change. Our organisation is governed by an international Board of Trustees and employs an operations manager who coordinates research and publicity projects, collaborations and funding applications.

Our work


Crop-Innovations was established in 2012, from the the organisation formerly known as the International Centre for Under-utilised Crops. In 1988, a resolution passed at the International Conference on New Crops for the Food Industry, held at Southampton University, recognised the need for greater research efforts to promote under-utilised species. The ICUC completed projects to increase the production and marketing of various vegetables and fruits. Crop-Innovations is now based at the University of Bath and the University of Warwick, with research projects conducted at both institutions. Back